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Countering COVID-19 with Technology As we explore what the ‘new normal’ might look like, Level Five Supplies is working to harness our resources and confront the current and future challenges.  We don’t work in the health sector, but we are keen to leverage our expertise to provide appropriate UAV and spatially aware products which are in-line with the needs of our customers in the research, security and policing sectors, and are launching a range of new products into our market place to support the fight against and eventual rebound from the impact of Coronavirus.

Large, complex, high volume environment is easily monitored by SENSR

Social Distance Monitoring Tool Want to re-open public or enclosed areas but need to enforce social distancing?  Our SENSR-I software system can assist.  Paired with our spatially accurate high-resolution and long-range Ouster LiDAR sensors, the distance between any individuals within a space can be checked in real-time, along with speed, trajectory, and a count of other pedestrians in an area.  

Digital Eagle Multi-Function Anti-Virus Drone SK-62F
Anti-Virus Drone Our new Digital Eagle SK62F Anti-virus drone is equipped with a remote triggered dropping system for deliveries, loudspeaker, recording cameras, in addition to an optional sprayer for disinfectant and capability for BVLOS operation (CAA operator or law enforcement permit required).

Output of the meshed panoramic camera and high res LiDAR  

Volumetric Video ‘Solved’ Flawlessly meshing real-time, spatially precise 360° panoramic imaging with high-resolution 3D active LiDAR sensor point cloud data; our Aspect 3D system is a revolutionary new solution in volumetric video.

This combination builds a spatially accurate picture across a full 360° panorama, generating a 3D representation of a person, environment, or moving object without any special lighting, even working outdoors, without the need for any complex computation driven by supercomputers.

  SENSR-I output identifying and tracking pedestrians

New Supplier: Seoul Robotics Level Five Supplies has formed a new partnership with Seoul Robotics,  innovators in 3D Perception AI, specialising in LiDAR perception software. Their state of the art SENSR suite is a 3D perception engine that adds next-generation, real-time, spatially precise sensing to your LiDAR sensors.

  DCE EPAS systems

New Supplier: DCE  Perfectly engineered electronic power-assisted steering systems to retrofit vehicles for ADAS and autonomous development, with or without safety drivers, up to 81 ft/lb of torque for standalone steering control or augmentation of an existing system.   Digital Eagle logo

New Supplier: Digital Eagle Digital Eagle is an ISO9001 accredited manufacturer providing drone technologies in addition to specific products for counter-drone management, agricultural drones, and a new commercial drone specially adapted to help in the fight against the global Coronavirus pandemic.

  The new look Level Five Supplies homepage

Ramping Up Our Online Activity We’ve given our online ordering platform something of a super-charge, including the addition of several useful features and functions so that we can better serve you, our customers.      

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