Various entities representing industries, companies, research and teaching institutions joined together in a webinar held December 1 to discuss new ways to strengthen the exchange between companies, institutions and entities from all over Brazil. The cluster aims to create a greater flow of technological production at the national level and to attract the possibility of alliances with companies and institutions from other countries that also work in the same area of ​​development.

The cluster will also collaborate with congressmen for the regulation of the sector, also helping to propose guidelines for the IMO.

The minister of science, technology and innovations, Astronaut Dr. Marcos César Pontes spoke about the enormous influence that artificial intelligence will bring to human activity in general and how crucial it will be to know how to deal with such changes, so that society can meet the new demands that will be created.

One company, Tidewise, was mentioned for its autonomous oceanographic vessel, which has been in offshore operation for almost two months. The Tupan is an autonomous multi-purpose vessel designed and built in Brazil to operate in an offshore environment. ​The vessel is propelled by two propellers driven by electric motors.

The Iracema Robotic Boat, for remote and fully autonomous Environmental Monitoring Data Collection, was another project mentioned. This boat is already in operation in Fortaleza has electric propulsion solutions and solar panels.

The SENAI Institute of Embedded Systems has produced a Nano satellite in partnership with the company INOVA. The firm is also capable of offering solutions to integrate with a system of autonomous ships or even to control future drones of the Brazilian Navy.

Another project, Instituto SENAI CIMATEC stands out for the production of an autonomous underwater vehicle (called “Flatfish”), which will be used for the maintenance of ocean platform systems networks, in partnership with Shell and Saipem.

Source : the digital ship

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