The aim of this competition is to:

  • develop new services and products that improve road and rail operational efficiency,
  • provide better-connected transport or
  • improve traveller experience.

Your project must:

  • focus on one of the use cases listed in the specific themes
  • include 3 months of user or product testing in your chosen location in the West Midlands using the live 5G environment

Your project proposal must demonstrate either how 5G:

  • is essential to developing your new service or product, or
  • offers a significant enhancement compared to current mobile communications

You must aim to demonstrate improvements, including benefits derived from 5G bandwidth, latency, security or reliability in one or more of the following:

  • operation of roads to reduce congestion and improve safety
  • improvements in air quality (for example, CO2, PM and NOx)
  • train, tram, bus or freight services to improve business operational efficiency or offer an increase in revenue
  • better joined up transport for people or things (bus, train, tram, car, HGV) to provide more cohesive travel and transport solutions and transport information across the modes of transport, improving customer experience.

Your project must demonstrate business viability and focus on exploitation. It must concentrate on showing the benefits of the product or service in a measurable way.

Specific themes

Your project must focus on products or services in one or more of the following use case areas:

  1. Movement of things – freight and logistics.
  2. Movement of people – public transport, economic recovery and traveller confidence post COVID-19.
  3. Road operation and management.

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