US wholesaler Sam’s Club has announced a further investment in robot technology and will introduce another 372 autonomous cleaning robots to its stores.

As a result of the extended deal, there will be a robotic floor scrubber in every Sam’s Club in the US. The business operates nearly 600 stores in total.

The Walmart-owned business is extending its use of Brain Corp ‘BrainOS’-powered robots, which will be deployed to clean the floors of its premises. The machines are manufactured by Tennant Company.

Sam’s Club is also expanding a six-month retail shelf analytics pilot using Brain Corp’s technology. Connected to the robots is a function that helps the wholesaler verify pricing accuracy, confirm planogram compliance, and ensure product availability – essentially, the robots conduct shelf stock checks usually undertaken by staff.

Sam’s Club has downsized its operations over the last two years, announcing in 2018 it was closing 50 stores and converting 13 additional premises into online distribution hubs. Thousands of jobs were lost as a result.

Brain Corp said the additional analytics functionality can “be added at any time”, suggesting retailers using its tech can start with autonomous cleaning and build in the shelf analysis capabilities later.

Dr. Eugene Izhikevich, CEO of Brain Corp, commented: “The potential of robots, AI, and data working in concert throughout an in-store environment can only be realised by proven, commercial technology.

“Sam’s Club recognises the scale of this opportunity and we are proud to be selected as part of their connected club initiatives.”

Source : Essential Retail

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