Millbrook hosting the UK 5G test bed for transport

As part of the AutoAir project led by Dense Air Ltd, Millbrook is hosting the UK 5G test bed for transport at its UK proving ground. The project includes deploying a cellular 4G LTE and 5G network, as well as 802.11p and 70GHz Millimetre Wave (mmWave) connectivity throughout its 700 acre site.

Its 5G test bed offers a safe and secure connection with ultra-high reliability and low latency. It is the only environment of its scale in Europe for new and emerging technologies and services in the connected vehicle sector.

Millbrook offers cellular and DSRC connectivity across its secure, configurable and confidential 5G test bed. It offers test procedures and engineers to support connectivity testing and live streaming of multi-channel data with multi-Gbps speeds.

Connectivity architectures on site:
• 454.1MHz Ofcom-licensed Real-Time Kinematics correction network with 2cm object-to-object positioning – 1 base station and 2 repeaters
• 802.11p 5.9GHz WiFi for V2X and V2V – configurable for ITS G5 and DSRC
• 40 Cohda MK5 roadside units mounted on masts across the site
• 2 Cohda on-board units for hire
• 3.5GHz 5GNR experimental
• Band 40 2.3GHz 4G LTE (private)
• Band 48 3.7GHz 4G LTE (private)
• 38 mast locations across the site
• 60GHz mmWave V2X sites around the High Speed Circuit; 22 radios on 11 masts, approach and departure directions
• 60GHz mmWave mesh on the Hill Route to relay 4G LTE in 15 locations
• Private network accessible with Millbrook SIM – data remains on site
• Access via firewall for export to customer location

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