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COVID-19 shows why 5G superhighway needed

This weeks Autonomous Technology news review Toyota and MIT release free DriveSeg dataset, COVID-19 examples show why 5G super highway is needed, Self driving car manufacturers and insurers debate how much safer autonomous vehicles will […]

5G / Connectivity

5G highway needed for Autonomous Vehicles

The current pandemic has given us many glimpses of the future, one of which is the growing importance of autonomous vehicles. A recent and illustrative example is The Mayo Clinic’s use of self-driving vans to shuttle samples […]

Artificial intelligence

MIT & Toyota release Free AV Dataset

Toyota’s Collaborative Safety Research Center (CSRC) and MIT’s AgeLab have released DriveSeg, a dataset for autonomous driving research. DriveSeg contains over 25,000 frames of high-resolution video with each pixel labelled with one of 12 classes of road object. DriveSeg is […]


Lyft resumes testing on public roads

Roughly three months after the pandemic halted its autonomous vehicle tests, Lyft today announced its safety operators will resume driving a portion of its cars on public roads. An employee-only autonomous ride-hailing pilot in Palo […]