First flight of Autonomous CityAirbus

Andreas Thellmann of Urban Air Mobility at Airbus posted on his LinkedIn account “First public flight of our CityAirbus today.”

CityAirbus is an all-electric, four-seat, multicopter vehicle demonstrator that focuses on advancing remotely piloted electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) flight.

CityAirbus has a multicopter configuration that features four ducted high-lift propulsion units. Its eight propellers are driven by electric motors at around 950 rpm to ensure a low acoustic footprint. The single failure tolerant architecture ensures safety. Its cruise speed will be approximately 120 Km/h on fixed routes with up to 15 minutes of autonomy. It has a capacity of four passengers that is ideal for aerial urban ridesharing.

The idea for a compact “flying taxi” first came from our desire to take city commuting into the air in a sustainable way. Our team began by rethinking traditional aircraft architecture, creating a multirotor design based on electric motors. Thus, CityAirbus was born. To date, the CityAirbus sub-scale model has flown more than 100 test flights, which has proven the aerodynamic configuration of the full-scale prototype.

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Andreas commented “Such milestones require to be 100% concentrated and well prepared. I‘m very proud of the entire team which takes care of every little detail. Totally impressed by your passion to push the limits of our electric aircraft and high professionalism. You are great!”

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