EZ10 Shuttles to restart

Self-Driving Shuttle Given Green Light In Dublin, CA

easymile shuttle
Easymile shuttle

Residents in Dublin could be closer to boarding autonomous vehicles. This comes as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration outlined conditions to lift a temporary suspension of allowing members of the public to ride the EZ10 following a minor passenger incident.

In February, France-based EasyMile was forced to stop all passenger operations in the United States after a passenger fell from her seat in Columbus, Ohio following a braking problem.

“It [the shuttle] was driving at a low speed of 7.1 miles per hour and made an emergency stop as it is programmed to do. We operate at such low speeds precisely for this reason: our shuttles can make sudden stops when they detect a safety risk,” the company said in a news release at the time.

According to PleasantonWeekly.com, the autonomous vehicles in Dublin were in the testing stage at the time of suspension and not carrying members of the public, allowing the pilot program to continue on local roadways as usual.

Pleasanton City Councilwoman Karla Brown told the newspaper that that she is anxious for the pilot program to resume and thinks the autonomous shuttles would “be exciting to bring into the Hacienda Business Park area” for commuters.

“We’re excited about continuing to demonstrate and deliver the benefits of autonomous shuttles to the U.S. in the safest way possible, and in alignment with NHTSA,” said Sharad Agarwal, Senior Vice President of EasyMile Inc.

EasyMile has around 150 vehicles in operation around the world and is involved in involved in demonstration projects in 16 American cities.

Source : https://patch.com/california/dublin/self-driving-shuttle-given-green-light-again-dublin

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