Robocar, the World’s Fastest Autonomous Car

The Guinness World Records has validated U.K.-based startup Roborace’s Robocar as a fastest self-driving car with a top speed of 175.49 mph.

Electric cars are getting faster and faster, breaking speed records along the way. Some all-electric models claim the top spots as the fastest cars ever.

For example, the Rimac C_Two, the Tesla Roadster, and the Pininfarina Battista all can reach up to 250 miles per hour.

Robocar, from British startup Roborace, has set a new speed Guinness record, but in another category of electric cars.

Robocar: AI-Controlled Electric Supercar

The UK-based Roborace unveiled Robocar in 2017 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

There is no human driver behind Robocar’s wheel. Heck, there’s no steering wheel or a driver seat at all! Robocar is a driverless racing car controlled by AI and uses an Nvidia Drive PX2 brain, in addition to an array of sensors and cameras, and GPS.

Entirely made of carbon fibre, the body of this beast of a car comes with futuristic lines. It is no surprise since the car was designed by Daniel Simon, who’s known for his vehicles in some SF cinema. His work appears in movies such as Captain America: The First Avenger and Tron: Legacy.

Equipped with an all-wheel-drive, Robocar uses four electric engines of 300 kW each, allowing to reach up to 199 mph (320 km/h).

Roborace announced that its Robocar prototype had set the first-ever world speed record in its class.

Although it didn’t reach its theoretical top speed, Robocar is pretty fast. This missile on wheels achieved this record back in March during a two-way run at Elvington Airfield Circuit Race Track.

“Roborace demonstrated its robot’s capabilities by taking the car to 282.42 km/h (175.49 mph) – an average confirmed by the UK Timing Association – at RAF Elvington, Yorkshire, UK, claiming the record for a fastest autonomous car,” said Guinness organization.

Though Robocar reached over 175 mph in a 1.6-mile straight line, Guinness has set 160 mph as the record for Robocar to beat because there was no previous speed record for self-driving cars.

Roborace aims to make its autonomous racing project true motorsport. This year, the organization launched the Roborace “Alpha Season” with the first real-world race between two DevBot 2.0 driverless cars.

As the official fastest autonomous car, Robocar can give a strong thrust to the Roborace project.

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